Feeling Alive Again!

Soundtrack for this post: Together at Last album, by Jeff Tweedy

Wow, you guys- what an absolute whirlwind of a semester. That was the ultimate challenge of determination, grit and organization. I pretty much had to put aside all else and focus on getting through this intense academic semester, where I was teaching more than double a full time teaching load. The older I get the more I realize the need for work-life balance, and the more motivation I get to find more balance throughout my life.

Now that the term is winding down I am grading grading grading. BUT I am also having a moment to take a deep breath, get back to focusing more fully on self care, doing some yoga, sitting in the eucalyptus steam room (get yourself to one if you have not tried it yet- SO healing!), catching up with some friends, etc… It feels good and gives me more motivation to live this kind of balanced life moving forward.

So, all was not lost this term. I grew the Events part of my biz, adding in another Alex and Ani partnership location in Bethesda, Maryland. I SO enjoy these events! So much so that I added a service and you can book me for your own events. Check out the details on my Events page.

I have a couple events coming up before Christmas! I can’t wait.


We had some good online spiritual courses! More of those to come in the new year, including full moon events!

In writer life, I am set to work on my second book again shortly. Writing was put on the back burner and I am looking forward to delving in again, and grateful for understanding publishers who accommodate my crazy work life schedule. Book 2 and 3 are set to publish in 2019 so that gives me lots of motivation to keep pushing forward!

In my personal life, I was able to go to my fav spot, WOODSTOCK to celebrate my Bday. Wow, do I love this lil mountain town.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.40.42 AM.png

I did a photoshoot with my dear friend Eddie, more pics to come!


I am looking forward to the new year, feeling inspired to make some changes and really align things in the best way, and I can see some great things on the horizon!

*If you’d like to join us online for the last class of 2018, let me know! We are meeting Monday, Dec. 17th from 7-8 pm EST in Google Hangouts. We will be discussing this past year, setting our intentions for the new year, pulling some cards, and working with our intuition. Love to have you there!

Catch ya in the new year!

Peace and Love,

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