It is my sincere pleasure to connect with you and assist you on your journey.



  • "Jessica, you are bursting with the grooviest vibes. I love your zest and pizzaz. I requested a three card reading once and it was beautiful. It was soft. It was kind. And most importantly- it realigned me back to love. Back to the ultimate truth. And that's what we're all here to do right? To lovingly walk each other home. Thank you Goddess of Woodstock."


  • "I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and pulling a card for me today. The card you pulled for me today was so accurate I couldn't help but feel at peace. Your gift is amazing and you have no idea how much I appreciate you sharing it with us. Every time I watch your videos or lives I just feel at peace. Your aura is soooooo comforting and peaceful."


  • "Jessica is a kind-hearted, sincere, and insightful person who radiates warmth to all. I heartily recommend watching her videos and considering her coaching services."


  • "Jessica is wonderful! Her readings have lots of insight and clarity. A positive upbeat vibe in her writing! So happy I choose to do a reading with her!"


Soul Coaching:

  • "Full of positivity, energy and warmth that it spreads to you through any medium."


  • "Today, I had a really great opportunity in soaking up the positive good vibes of Jessica. Such an invigorating, compassionate soul. I look forward to my next appointment."



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