It is my sincere pleasure to connect with you and assist you on your journey.




  • "Jessica, you are bursting with the grooviest vibes. I love your zest and pizzaz. I requested a three card reading once and it was beautiful. It was soft. It was kind. And most importantly- it realigned me back to love. Back to the ultimate truth. And that's what we're all here to do right? To lovingly walk each other home. Thank you Goddess of Woodstock."

  •  “That was so perfect! Your energy brings a really happy vibe to your readings.”

  • "I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and pulling a card for me today. The card you pulled for me today was so accurate I couldn't help but feel at peace. Your gift is amazing and you have no idea how much I appreciate you sharing it with us. Every time I watch your videos or lives I just feel at peace. Your aura is soooooo comforting and peaceful."

  •  “My reading with Jessica was so calming and reassuring. My choice to get a reading done by her was one of the best choices I’ve made because I’ve had readings done by other people and I felt judged and pressured to believe what they picked up. Her reading was so peaceful and easy to take in. If I ever need guidance I will definitely go to her again.”

  • "Jessica is a kind-hearted, sincere, and insightful person who radiates warmth to all. I heartily recommend watching her videos and considering her coaching services."


  • "Jessica is wonderful! Her readings have lots of insight and clarity. A positive upbeat vibe in her writing! So happy I choose to do a reading with her!"


  • " I started watching Jessica’s Instagram lives and was immediately impressed with her vibe! Jessica has amazing energy and a beautiful soul. She is very down to earth, hippie :) and has such a unique way of interpreting the energy of the people watching, and the cards she pulls for the group and for individuals. She is extremely accurate, it's a bit scary! Jessica is a true story teller and each card she draws always has a special meaning. She also offers half off her courses and other amazing specials. Jessica is extremely generous with her gifts.”

Soul Coaching:

  • "Today, I had an hour consultation with Jessica on the phone and I was blown away. Like opening curtains and filling a room with light, her life coaching questions, psychic insight, and understanding of a soul's purpose was a spiritual vacation that I came back refreshed and focused. Jessica knows what to ask, what to help with, and positively gives the love and support to continue on one's path in a healthy and insightful way."


  • "Full of positivity, energy and warmth that it spreads to you through any medium."


  • "All I can say is WOW. Jessica's gift is to guide your soul. She uses her expertise as a coach and her natural intuitive abilities to provide gentle support. I really enjoyed my sessions and can always sense her healing energy. She is very practical and grounded; she doesn’t tell you what is right or wrong, but rather, she helps you shift your perspective - it is amazing experience to sit and pour out your heart. Jessica also sends a picture of the cards she draws during the session, so you can refer to them anytime. I have noticed the significant growth and healing that has occurred in my life. I know that my heart chakra and throat chakra got an extreme upgrade after my first session!! I would highly recommend her sessions for any area of your life that you want assistance with. Jessica IS a true healer."


  • "Today, I had a really great opportunity in soaking up the positive good vibes of Jessica. Such an invigorating, compassionate soul. I look forward to my next appointment."




  • "I have taken a few of Jessica’s seminars. They have been very insightful and informative for my journey. I learned new tips and tricks with each one and to also slow down and trust my journey. Her readings are spot on and she includes such a beautiful energy with each one! Thank you Jessica for being so sweet, supportive and loving."


  • "Jessica goes above and beyond the call of duty for her classes. If you ever feel called to or have the opportunity to take one with her- do it.

    The classes are well-structured, but with plenty of room for discussion and expression. It’s not only informative and instructional, but really creates a sense of community for so many people to be working and helping each other to manifest their dreams. 

    Jessica herself is incredibly insightful and helpful- and the class format gives you the opportunity to have your questions answered and discussed. But you also are able to pool knowledge from the other students in the class which gives an additional level of development that might not come from just one on one assistance. 

    However, what I love most about the class is to see Jessica’s enthusiasm and care for her work and the people in her soul tribe. She is truly committed to helping others- and that comes across very clearly in her classes. It’s also obvious that she has teaching history, too. She is excellent at instructing, but also an superb listener. She is able to let the class often guide itself while still keeping it structured and constructive. And of course, her insight and perception is incredibly valuable in and of itself. 

    After taking this course, I already feel significantly more confident about my path. I felt challenged and was made to be introspective about things I had not considered before. During the month, I was also able to see noticeable development in the areas I was trying to manifest. 

    Overall, I am very pleased with my experience in Jessica’s class and look forward to taking her next ones!"

Manifestation and Soul Mission Course

  • " I joined this group as a way to learn how to manifest my goals and dreams on my soul mission. This was such an amazing experience! Jessica utilises her expertise as a professor, a coach and her intuitive abilities which was perfect blend to teach about manifestation. She records each class so you have a way to review topics and discussion points. She also sends a picture of the cards she draws for the group. Jessica guides each class with tasks, questions and topics for discussion, such as how to give an oracle card reading for yourself. I particularly liked our assignment to create an art project for our soul mission - it was fun, creative and helped me solidify what I am on this earth to do. Each person brought their own life experience to each class, so I gained so much wisdom from the group. In fact, I learned a lot about twin flames and that energy - bonus material for me!! Jessica also pull cards for the group, then for each individual that perfectly ties into the class topic! I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is struggling with their life purpose and wants a fun way to learn how to manifest like a pro! I am already seeing very positive results!"


  • “I recently participated in Jessica’s manifestation & soul mission course. I loved it! The information and confidence I gained was invaluable and the community of people who participated shared information and became closer, which was really nice. I was really surprised at my growth in just a month’s time. Thank you so much. I am super excited to be doing the tarot class next!”


  • "I went into Jessica’s soul mission class, already having taken a similar one from her. I expected them to be mostly the same and was pleasantly surprised at how she was able to both cater to new people who were unfamiliar with the subject, and those she had taught this subject to before.

    The exercises were new, and it felt like even more in-depth than the first. It is clear to me with each class I take that Jessica’s building and teaching of these courses improves with each one. (And of course, they were wonderful to begin with). I did not expect to learn anything new about myself or my mission, yet her exercises made a believer out of me and helped me be even more clear about what I am meant to be doing. 

    It’s also so helpful to hear from the other students. There’s so much diversity of knowledge and energy that comes from a class setting. And you can find so many insights into your own life and journey by listening to what others are going through. 

    I also really appreciate the new class format that you can sign up for specific classes for less money, since I am often traveling and it’s hard to make it to class every week a month. I was concerned that a one-day class would feel less deep than the month long, but I was able to get so much out of it. I definitely want to continue to attend these courses to continue to interact with this special community. "


  • "I recently took 2 classes with Jessica. Her Manifestation and Soul Mission class. 

    Both classes were awesome. She’s just as fun and down to earth in her classes as she is in her readings. 
    I loved how she broke each lesson down, and the icing on the cake is when she pulls a card for you at the end. 

    I’m at a big crossroads in my life, and thankfully with Jessica’s help I’ve been brave enough to start on a new path. I’ve already started seeing success in this new direction."

Tarot Course


  • "Jessica’s Tarot card class is a must for anyone who needs to know basics, or needs a deeper understanding of the cards and how to interpret them properly.

    Not only does she give you the basics on each card in detail, she helps you to trust your own intuition about the cards and readings. Personally, she helped me release a block I had reading for myself. Now I can make clear personal reading and have enough understanding that I feel comfortable reading for others.

    For all of her classes in general, the exercises she gives are thoughtful and helpful. She even helps you through readings and gives insight. She uses exercises as building blocks to form both a deep and comprehensive understanding of whatever material she is teaching. 

    Overall, her classes have such a wonderful and positive group of people. You can feel that each person involved is just as motivated to learn and improve themselves. It’s a great sanctuary to talk, learn, and to share the journey we all are on. And Jessica appears to be the perfect person to lead this group of unique individuals with her both cheerful and genuine energy. "


  • "Jessica has such a unique and super fun way to read Tarot. I enjoyed her readings so much that I wanted to learn Tarot! I have always been curious about learning tarot, but felt that is was too complicated to learn. Fortunately, Jessica makes learning easy and fun! Her classes made me fall in love with Tarot and the Rider Waite deck!! Jessica organises the class by suit and goes over each card and their general meanings ,but also asks the participants to tune into to their intuition to help strengthen our own interpretation. I learned a lot from all the participants, as we had different interpretations and insights! This class was amazing and I feel gave me a solid foundation to learn how to read Tarot for myself and for others. I love this class so much, I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn tarot, for yourself and other people! You will enjoy the journey!"