Accessing Your Personal Intuition and Guidance System

     Each of us are equipped with all the support we need to accomplish our individual, unique Soul Missions. A big part of accessing this guidance is simply turning within. This involves getting quiet and still. Making time for a daily mediation practice is a huge help in this area. The next part of the puzzle is learning to trust the guidance as you get it. It is easy in the beginning to brush aside signs and question our own gut reactions. As you start to tune in more and more, you will realize there are messages waiting for you, and when you rely on them you will be assisted toward your greater goal and purpose.

    If you are open to tarot or angel cards you can try playing around with those, and see if they resonate. I recently started a daily practice of pulling cards for myself each morning. This helps me check in on the energy for the day, and be aware of what to expect and look for. You can also look into Astrological guidance as a tool to guide you. There is great wisdom in understanding not only your Sun sign, the sign you hear people most commonly identify with, but also your Moon sign, rising, and more.

        I hope this gives you some starting points to explore. Please let me know if I can assist you. You can reach out the me at with any questions. I offer Life Coaching, as a way to help you get in touch with your Soul, live from a heart-centered space, and truly find the life that is meant for it. It is there, waiting for you, behind the fear and past woundings. You will get there. Be patient and gentle with yourself, it is all unfolding.

Peace and Love,