2019, Here we Go!

Well, we did it, we made it to 2019!

Are you stoked yet?

The first thing I am excited for is the New Year Manifestation offerings I have.

If you have been wanting to work with me, now is the perfect time!


Here is the info:

New Year Manifestation Sessions ⭐️ I am SO excited to announce these & work with you on making this the best year yet. I am offering 2 different options for your goal setting, manifesting, and spiritual guidance for this new year. 🌙Option 1: 30 minute Manifestation Soul Coaching Sessions. Special rate of $33 (normally $55) and 🌙 Option 2: 6 card readings $33 (normally $66). 💫 Choose the best option for you, or go with both! Soul Coaching Sessions are by phone. We will talk through your plans and goals and get you going on the right path. I will pull cards as desired. The readings are done through email- you send me the info and questions you want me to include and I tape the reading and email you a link to the video. ⭐️ I will be scheduling as many of these as I can, so if you are interested let me know! Message me, payment in Paypal. Booking in order of payments. ✌️ Much Love.

Aside from the New Year sessions, I have a lot I am looking forward to. I am going to spend the first week of this year really focusing on setting my goals, intentions and manifestations for the coming year. I am grateful to have some down time to really delve in. Part of that will be working with my planner and writing it all down- there’s just something about list making and scheduling in paper, right? The other part is Vision Boarding. I have my big ole board ready to go. I am brainstorming a workshop on this process, and am hoping I can announce the details soon. This is something I have wanted to do in previous years and the time just seemed to get away from me. I am feeling the push to offer this now, so I know that means the time is right to share this wisdom!

I feel happy to have a couple weeks to take some deep breaths, tune in for my biz side of things, and get my life back together so to speak before delving into another busy semester. Those of us in higher ed really do judge our years in semester chunks- it is an interesting way of looking at life and really helps you mark the seasons in a big way. Spring Semester will find me teaching courses in person and online, writing writing writing (2 books!), and further diving into hobbies such as plants, gardening, walks on the trail, yoga and meditation and more… I am excited but totally okay with taking this pause before the action. To everything there truly is a season, and I am getting better and better at recognizing and honoring that flow.

Hope to work with you soon! Either in the Manifestation sessions or an upcoming online class! We have some cool things on the radar- including our first full moon gathering of the year! As always, I am sending you so much Peace and Love on your path.