Fall Vibes

Here I go again, telling you how busy things have been and apologizing for so long between my posts. In all seriousness though, that’s the truth, and so here we are.

Fall is such a rad season, you know what I mean?

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.20.32 AM.png

I had to scale back a bit with the biz side of things while I got situated with my Fall teaching semester. Now I am finding my groove, or as much as I can, and I am ready to push forward with our Soul tribe and some fun fall events. First up is our Manifestation and Soul Mission seminar next week, and then we will have a Tarot tune up session the following week. I’d love to have you join in. You can email me if you’d like to reserve your spot.

The other cool things I have coming up is the change up to my readings. I am now doing them in video format, and it is adding a really special extra layer. You can book 4 and 6 card readings directly on my site, and ask me any questions you would like me to include.

Aside from all the biz happenings, I am truly enjoying this season. Change is in the air, and I couldn’t be more ready for it. How about you?

Peace and Love,


Leap, and the Net Will Appear... So here I go!

     I've never been one who is afraid to take risks. I'm a Sagittarius, for goodness sake. *I like to get the woo-woo warning out early these days, so if you are turned off by sign-talk now would be a good time to leave this conversation ;)

So- here's the thing. While I KNOW how manifestation works, I have manifested many things in my life- big and small, and everywhere in between- it does not make those big leaps any less scary.

What is fear anyway? It's us coming up against the greatest demon of all- our own selves. 

I have had SO much change and transition in the last couple of years. I got the deep Soul urge to totally transform my life, and in that swift and rapid time of change somehow I ended up nestled into a cozy life here in New Jersey. All these pieces fell into place, and I've been doing my best to flow with the wild ride.


Professionally, this transition time has involved much change as well. In many ways, higher education has been a training school for me.  I learned to find my voice, to keep the good gigs and leave the bad ones, and make progress toward a more Soul-aligned path. 

It was always my Heart's plan to shift into a Soul-aligned business. I know higher education has prepared me for the teaching skills I will need. I know how to create courses, engage with people from all types of backgrounds, and I like to think I've told a good joke or two. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given, and even the bad experiences have taught me about life, about people, and about trusting my own gut.

But I can't keep playing it small. The full focus on higher education with my business as a side gig was no longer working for me. The Universe kept confirming that to me. It was just up to me to catch up.

I'm there now, I truly am. The only thing standing in the way of me and this next great chapter? My own fears. Doubts of- how can I make enough income? Will I be understood? Will my family be proud of me, etc, etc, etc. The truth is- I HAVE to shine my light. I HAVE to lead by example. Why am I sharing all of these messages of truth and hope with others if I myself don't heed my own Soul's call.

So here I am world: Jessica Sanders, a Guide for Heart-led Soul-aligned living. 

I am ready to serve, to fulfill my Soul's mission. 
I am so pleased to have you on board. 
Let's do this Earth school thing.


Peace and Love,



On Spiritual Growth and Ego Death

Slow & easy snow day meditation 💫 




I want to share some thoughts on spiritual growth, and on ego death and pain in particular. My relationship with presence and meditation has evolved quite distinctly recently, given my rapid spiritual ascension. All of this has been in no way a glamorous process, in fact it has involved a million and one ego deaths and continual surrender and acceptance, again and again and again... I get that the spiritual path can seem without darkness.


I know when I first started working with the law of attraction I had great fun playing with manifesting material things- people who matched my exact superficial checklist criteria, a beachfront condo in Miami with floor to ceiling windows, a BMW convertible, a six figure job, etc etc etc... That is only one piece to this path. Waking up to the realization our thoughts create our reality is a beautiful one. The empowerment from that Truth allows us to shed layers of victimhood and release old stories. However, once we own our true Soul Missions, the real work begins.


We have to embody the qualities needed, and many times this means we have to let go of all the conditioning and lies of a world we feel so outside of. I never felt I fit in. I never felt understood. I always questioned our version of "reality." Perhaps you are the same as me? If so, this is all part of your Soul's evolution, a remembering of your intention for this life. Don't be afraid to sit still, and dive into all of your deepest and darkest pains. You have to release in order to go higher. The only way out is through. There may be moments where you will question if this is worth it. But once you have awoken, dear Soul, there is no going back. 💫 I am sending you ✌️& 💛to aid you on your journey.

Teachings of Love, From the Path.

It's either Love, or it isn't. 

     This might be the most important teaching I have learned on the path.  You might find yourself asking, after coming to this realization, "Then why doesn't everyone understand this? Why doesn't everyone live on Earth, in peace and harmony, extending Love to all they meet?"

     AHHH... Here comes the challenge. "The Other."

It is easy to extend Love to those we hold dear, those who are similar to us, those who do not challenge or scare us. It is SO much harder to take the time and effort to understand those who do not fit into our own conceptual frameworks, who can't be put into our safe boxes, who force us to grow and even- to change.

     It takes time to develop these skills, it is by no means easy to shed the cultural biases we have learned, the fear that has been placed in our Hearts by our societies and our past experiences. I want to encourage you to keep going

    This path is worth it, you are worth it. The life you so desire is on its way. You can keep showing up each and every day, shedding old layers, feeling lighter and more free.

     If I can do it, you can do it. We are no different, in fact, we are all One. I Love you, and I see your unique talents and beauty. It's time to rise and shine, and let your Heart lead the way.

    I'll see you on the path, my dear friend.

   Peace and Love,



Slow and Steady

     I was inspired after pulling the Poised and New Life cards, yet again, to offer some guidance to all of us on the path. It has been said by many spiritual teachers, astrologists, numerologists, empaths, Tarot readers- basically everyone attunded to the energies and flow of life, that last year was a tough one. We had to go in and heal some really deep things, and many of us ended the year feeling a bit weary, worn out, and ready for some change. 


     The good news is that it really does seem that change is headed our way. Nothing stays the same forever, seasons change in nature, and in our own lives as well. We are all connected, and as a collective we have some great things on the horizon. I want to remind you to keep the following mantra in mind during this time of great transition: Slow and Steady.

      Nothing needs to happen all at once, over night. Good things are worth waiting for. Patience is a deep, advanced soul lesson, as is Trust. The Universe is calling on you to do your part, keep on showing up, keep on keeping on, don't let the Ego get in the way this time. Things are being lined up for you behind the scenes, and you can really knock it out of the park this time, if you just keep practicing those swings. 

     So--- how do we cope in the meantime? Set your intentions. Focus on utilizing positive thinking and the Law of Attraction to assist you. I am going to be offering some coaching packages aimed directly at this topic, if this is an area you find yourself struggling. Any pause is a gift, a time to go deep within, embrace the stillness, and ask yourself- What do you REALLY want? The time of playing small is past us, this is a season of emerging into our light.

     You can have the life of your dreams, but in order to do so, you have to be committed to change. You can't invite in a new, better, more Soul aligned life if you are holding on to old outdated beliefs which no longer serve you. Healing is real, change IS possible, you can find yourself in a magical year if you allow this time to work for you. 

     As always, I am here if you need me. I am sending you all the Peace and Love, from my Heart and Soul to yours.


With deep love and gratitude,


What is Soul Coaching

Hello Friends.


I have had some recent questions from potential clients on what the specific nature of Soul Coaching is. I thought it'd be great to clarify.


Soul Coaching, my own creation :), is Life Coaching, from the perspective that we are all Souls.


We are not just human beings, living this one random lifetime. We have purposes and missions for our lives, and we have wisdom and guidance available to help us.


We tap into that, and work together to move past any blocks you may have, so you can being to manifest and live the life of your Soul's greatest desires.


The Heart is a key in the process, as living from the Heart is the way to find the Soul's fulfillment.


I am happily accepting new clients, and you can always book directly on my site:


Peace and Love.


Accessing Your Personal Intuition and Guidance System

     Each of us are equipped with all the support we need to accomplish our individual, unique Soul Missions. A big part of accessing this guidance is simply turning within. This involves getting quiet and still. Making time for a daily mediation practice is a huge help in this area. The next part of the puzzle is learning to trust the guidance as you get it. It is easy in the beginning to brush aside signs and question our own gut reactions. As you start to tune in more and more, you will realize there are messages waiting for you, and when you rely on them you will be assisted toward your greater goal and purpose.

    If you are open to tarot or angel cards you can try playing around with those, and see if they resonate. I recently started a daily practice of pulling cards for myself each morning. This helps me check in on the energy for the day, and be aware of what to expect and look for. You can also look into Astrological guidance as a tool to guide you. There is great wisdom in understanding not only your Sun sign, the sign you hear people most commonly identify with, but also your Moon sign, rising, and more.

        I hope this gives you some starting points to explore. Please let me know if I can assist you. You can reach out the me at SoulCoachingWithJessica@gmail.com with any questions. I offer Life Coaching, as a way to help you get in touch with your Soul, live from a heart-centered space, and truly find the life that is meant for it. It is there, waiting for you, behind the fear and past woundings. You will get there. Be patient and gentle with yourself, it is all unfolding.

Peace and Love,


Self-Love and Acceptance

     Self-Love really is the most amazing thing you can give yourself💛Nothing in the world will feel better, nothing has the power to please and fulfill you on the same level. 💫 What's so wild about this is that it's already in all of us. Our access to it may just be blocked. My life's work and mission is all about love. I help people remove their blocks to love- through guiding my clients to heal their selves and their lives as a Life Coach. 🌻 I want you to know that when you hear the wisdom that the world will change when you let Self-Love flow in your life, I mean this literally. The world you see will look different- more friendly, more kind, more colorful, more beautiful. 🌏

      So, what are you waiting for? This is your mission- to remove the blocks to love, to feel total Self-Love flood every cell of your being, and to reflect that love into the world. Heal yourself, heal the world. ⭐️ You are so powerful. *** You can find out more of my thoughts on Self-Love and acceptance by watching my Life Coaching tip videos at my Facebook page.


 ✌️ and 💛,


Wisdom From The Soul Path

     I had an interesting experience today, and I knew I should share it with you, dear Friends. 

I came across this photo, from 3 years ago. This was the message on the back of my business cards at that point. I LOVE seeing this. I love seeing that even 3 years ago, I had this business as my dream in my heart. I love seeing that I have followed this journey, though it has not been a straight path, I have followed the calling of my Soul to lead me up until this point. Having a goal and a vision isn't always clear- it is about taking active and consistent steps each day, and allowing the path to unfold before you. I hope my life and my business and any success that comes my way will continue to serve as an illustration for all of this.

Peace and Love to you, today and always.

Keep following your heart.