Slow and Steady

     I was inspired after pulling the Poised and New Life cards, yet again, to offer some guidance to all of us on the path. It has been said by many spiritual teachers, astrologists, numerologists, empaths, Tarot readers- basically everyone attunded to the energies and flow of life, that last year was a tough one. We had to go in and heal some really deep things, and many of us ended the year feeling a bit weary, worn out, and ready for some change. 


     The good news is that it really does seem that change is headed our way. Nothing stays the same forever, seasons change in nature, and in our own lives as well. We are all connected, and as a collective we have some great things on the horizon. I want to remind you to keep the following mantra in mind during this time of great transition: Slow and Steady.

      Nothing needs to happen all at once, over night. Good things are worth waiting for. Patience is a deep, advanced soul lesson, as is Trust. The Universe is calling on you to do your part, keep on showing up, keep on keeping on, don't let the Ego get in the way this time. Things are being lined up for you behind the scenes, and you can really knock it out of the park this time, if you just keep practicing those swings. 

     So--- how do we cope in the meantime? Set your intentions. Focus on utilizing positive thinking and the Law of Attraction to assist you. I am going to be offering some coaching packages aimed directly at this topic, if this is an area you find yourself struggling. Any pause is a gift, a time to go deep within, embrace the stillness, and ask yourself- What do you REALLY want? The time of playing small is past us, this is a season of emerging into our light.

     You can have the life of your dreams, but in order to do so, you have to be committed to change. You can't invite in a new, better, more Soul aligned life if you are holding on to old outdated beliefs which no longer serve you. Healing is real, change IS possible, you can find yourself in a magical year if you allow this time to work for you. 

     As always, I am here if you need me. I am sending you all the Peace and Love, from my Heart and Soul to yours.


With deep love and gratitude,