Teachings of Love, From the Path.

It's either Love, or it isn't. 

     This might be the most important teaching I have learned on the path.  You might find yourself asking, after coming to this realization, "Then why doesn't everyone understand this? Why doesn't everyone live on Earth, in peace and harmony, extending Love to all they meet?"

     AHHH... Here comes the challenge. "The Other."

It is easy to extend Love to those we hold dear, those who are similar to us, those who do not challenge or scare us. It is SO much harder to take the time and effort to understand those who do not fit into our own conceptual frameworks, who can't be put into our safe boxes, who force us to grow and even- to change.

     It takes time to develop these skills, it is by no means easy to shed the cultural biases we have learned, the fear that has been placed in our Hearts by our societies and our past experiences. I want to encourage you to keep going

    This path is worth it, you are worth it. The life you so desire is on its way. You can keep showing up each and every day, shedding old layers, feeling lighter and more free.

     If I can do it, you can do it. We are no different, in fact, we are all One. I Love you, and I see your unique talents and beauty. It's time to rise and shine, and let your Heart lead the way.

    I'll see you on the path, my dear friend.

   Peace and Love,