On Spiritual Growth and Ego Death

Slow & easy snow day meditation 💫 




I want to share some thoughts on spiritual growth, and on ego death and pain in particular. My relationship with presence and meditation has evolved quite distinctly recently, given my rapid spiritual ascension. All of this has been in no way a glamorous process, in fact it has involved a million and one ego deaths and continual surrender and acceptance, again and again and again... I get that the spiritual path can seem without darkness.


I know when I first started working with the law of attraction I had great fun playing with manifesting material things- people who matched my exact superficial checklist criteria, a beachfront condo in Miami with floor to ceiling windows, a BMW convertible, a six figure job, etc etc etc... That is only one piece to this path. Waking up to the realization our thoughts create our reality is a beautiful one. The empowerment from that Truth allows us to shed layers of victimhood and release old stories. However, once we own our true Soul Missions, the real work begins.


We have to embody the qualities needed, and many times this means we have to let go of all the conditioning and lies of a world we feel so outside of. I never felt I fit in. I never felt understood. I always questioned our version of "reality." Perhaps you are the same as me? If so, this is all part of your Soul's evolution, a remembering of your intention for this life. Don't be afraid to sit still, and dive into all of your deepest and darkest pains. You have to release in order to go higher. The only way out is through. There may be moments where you will question if this is worth it. But once you have awoken, dear Soul, there is no going back. 💫 I am sending you ✌️& 💛to aid you on your journey.